How do you even? In number five you look like kate bush?! Xox

my face is magical :o 
I don’t know. thank you ♥ ♥ 





Ok but imagine the social media on Voyager.

Paris is the ship vine star and at least 50% of them have Tuvok judging in the background

he’s pretty much on constant lookout for somebody else to make vines with because Harry doesn’t want to do it anymore and Neelix wants nothing more than to be in all of them so yeah Tom needs fresh blood

B’elanna’s tumblr is a thing of rage-fueled beauty

Seven of Nine is inexplicably genius with snapchats

You can try and keep anonymity but lbr everybody knows sexxyclarinet54 is Harry Kim

Chakotay makes a lot of really thought-provoking short films on vimeo

Janeway has an anonymous twitter account where she complains about the rest of the senior staff and manages to put in just enough about how stupid the captain is that nobody can figure out who’s on the account

emh would totally be blowing up instagram